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By Heather Payne, Public Information Office

Red Rock, Okla.— The Otoe-Missouria Tribal Council Election took place on Saturday, November 5 at the historic old agency in Red Rock.

John R. Shotton was re-elected to the office of Chairman, while Darrell Kihega was re-elected to the office of Secretary and Melanie Harader was re-elected to the office of Second Member. Wesley J. Hudson was unchallenged to the office of First Member and was therefore automatically re-elected.

Chairman John Shotton won his race with 82% of the vote against challenger Freeman Marlow. Secretary Kihega won the tribal election with 53% of the vote in a three-candidate race that included Anthony Burris and Traci Pickering. Incumbent Second Member Harader won with 45% of the vote against challengers Ted Moore Jr and Gloree Tah.

The offices of Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Third Member were elected in 2015. Otoe-Missouria Tribal Council Members hold a three year term. The Tribal Council members will be sworn into office on Monday, November 14 at the Tribal Council Building.

Of the 2,407 registered voters, 22% voted in the recent election with a 60/40 split between in-person votes and absentee ballots.

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe has more than 3,300 members located throughout the United States. The tribe was relocated from Nebraska to Indian Territory in 1881. Today, they are one of the largest employers in Kay and Noble County with five casinos, two convenience stores and gas stations, a propane company, restaurants, financial services, hotel, entertainment centers and cattle ranch.